Hope Who?

Early Bird
Gimpy Jogger
Library Geek
Dog Lover
iPhone Photographer
3 Chord Musician
Thrift Store Bargain Hunter
Recovering Christian
Civil Servant

Hope lives in the Los Angeles area and is the published writer of articles, poetry, music, & short stories.

Welcome to Hope's Blog. 
But not Riveting!
(That would be pushing it.)

"I see common people and typical occurrences as more than common and more than typical... 
A bumper sticker. 
A smoker in a Prius. 
A church advertisement. 
A homeless man. 
A fire on the 405 freeway...
They're all here in this blog, only in a way that you wouldn't expect. I wrestle with the answers to tough questions openly and throw in a dose of encouragement to do better, be better--in hopes that it will inspire others and remind me to be a person of kindness and integrity even when tough times come." - Hope

Thanks in advance for your support and feedback.

Connect with Hope: 
If you decide to follow me, I promise not to tweet or post what I am having for lunch.
Hope Horner's books and music are available on Amazon.com., iTunes, Spotify, ReverbNation and CDBaby.  In 2018, Hope was ranked in the Top 10 of Folk Artists in Los Angeles by Reverbnation.com.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/hope-horner/338401839

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