Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am the moon, not the Sun

I am the moon, not the Sun.
I am but a dim representation in the night sky
Of the glory with which you shine in the fullness of the day.
I do not give light; I provide light because your light reflects from me.

I am the moon, not the Sun.
When others see my light, they really see you,
For without you, I meld with the sorrounding blackness,
In me, on me - there is only darkness; I am cold, scarred, barren.

I am the moon, not the Sun.
Your brilliant light illuminates and warms.
Birds announce your coming, flowers raise in greeting
The grasses and trees all stretch toward you; all creation reaches!

I am the moon, not the Sun.
I have no heat, no light of my own;
Yet I am a midnight medallion, an evening companion
My importance found only in remittance of what is given to me by you.

I am the moon, not the Sun.
Half, crescent, harvest, or new
I serve as a celestial reminder of this heavenly hope:
We are not alone! We will see the Sun again when the new day comes!

-Hope Horner, 2012
Copyright, Hope Horner 2012. Use by permission only. (

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