Friday, March 29, 2013

The Miracle of Miracles

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I am reading the works of Karl Barth, the 20th Century theologian.  In one of his essays about the Word of God, he describes Easter.  He doesn't define it in the literal or traditional sense (i.e. Christ raising from the dead, the resurrection, etc.) but he uses several different words and phrases to describe the meaning of Easter - WHAT Christ's resurrection MEANT to the world, to man, in the scope of eternity - the Big Picture.  I found his images to be moving and fresh and being that it is Good Friday and Easter weekend, I thought I would share them with you and mix them in with some of my own.  Karl's words are in bold.

Easter is the dawn of...

A New Time.
A New World.
"Behold I Make All Things New!" (Rev. 21:5)
To everything there is a time, but to everything there will also be an eternity.  The last day of man is the first day of God. For though our time is in God's hands, His time is not in ours.  

Easter is a demonstration of...
The sovereignty of God who was, who is and is to come.
Intelligence in Motion.  Always working to reconcile all He made to Himself... (Col. 1:20)
Easter is Faith in Action - The Creator will sustain what He has made!  

Easter is...
A movement of our being toward the "Perfectly Other" (Ready for the New World? We are now no longer bound by death!)
And A new body (Phil. 3:20-21)
Easter is Forgiveness.
Today we remember Jesus' death, but we don't remain stuck on today, focused only on the cross. The cross did not defeat him. The grip of the grave did not hold him. It could not.  If it could have, than how could He be God, ruler of and over all? His death, if it ended there would not have been enough to save.  It is in his dying AND rising to life that we are forgiven.
This fact of forgiveness is more astonishing than the raising of Lazarus.  Therefore it is...

Blessed Good Friday & Easter to all,
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