Saturday, August 16, 2014

Top 5 Ways The California Drought Helps YOU!

The situation in California is dire.
The state is in an epic drought.
State governing officials just issued strict water conservation measures for all Californians--absolutely NO watering lawns everyday, washing cars with a hose or allowing sprinklers to spray water on sidewalks. Fines will be issued to violators. The "water police" are making the rounds. "Water wasters" are being ratted out on websites and hotlines.
So what do Californians do in the midst of this crisis?
They buy Evian.
And adjust their sprinklers, put away hoses, time showers and pray for rain. Californians sacrifice to SAVE THE STATE. It's going to be rough, but survival depends on conservation.

If you live in California like I do, you are probably dry, dusty and depressed at this point. You're probably standing over wilted flower beds wondering when, oh when, will they bloom in all their glory? You can hardly remember what a drop of rain feels like on your skin. You reminisce about the good old days when the kids played in the sprinklers.With hopeful, tear-filled eyes, you glance up at the heavens every morning and afternoon wondering, praying...but nope, not a drop of rain in sight. Not even a cloud in the sky! Not one! Oh wait, is that one? Over there on the horizon? Nope. Just smog.

But WAIT! Wipe your tears Californians! Slap a smile back on your sun-tanned, botoxed faces! There ARE some benefits to this drought. Yes! Believe it or not, this drought actually works in your favor!

Top 5 Ways This Drought Helps You:

Your dirty car shows you are committed to water conservation, not lazy!

Your co-workers now consider your body odor as evidence that you are loyal to the "10 minute or LESS" shower rule, not that you have poor personal hygiene as originally thought.

Your neighbors have stopped complaining about your lawn. (Their complaints began in the 90's so this is a great relief!)

No one judges you when you drink in public, as long as it isn't from the hose.

Your backyard pool now provides positive recreation opportunities for wayward teens. 

See! There is always a silver lining to the rain cloud. OK, so maybe in this case, there is only a silver lining.
Hang in there.

-Hope A. Horner, 2014
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