Friday, July 15, 2022

Love Me Like My Dog

We all want to be loved by someone who is just like our dog. Think about it.
Dogs love us just the way we are.
Dogs do what we tell them to do (most of the time.)
Dogs have two priorities: 1) You and 2) You  
Dogs follow us around and think we are the BEST EVER.
Dogs get excited to see us, even when we're only gone for a minute.
Dogs are affectionate with us, but will go away and leave us alone, too.

In other words, we are selfish.
We want someone to love us the way we want them to love us.
We want it to be simple:  LOVE ME AS I AM.

And love is not that simple.
Finding true love is next to impossible. In fact, it probably doesn't exist. Don't get me wrong, I believe in love, but there is no PERFECT person out there. No one is going to love you like your dog. No one.
Instead, at best, you can hope that someone loves you like your CAT.

Cats love you when they WANT to love you, which is when they are hungry or want attention.
Cats do NOT do what you tell them to do. Sometimes, you can coax or sweet talk them into doing things, but even then, they'll only do it if it is in their best interest or involves food.
Cats could care less when you get home. Unless you are bringing home the bacon or smell like some other cat.
Cats have two priorities: 1) Eat 2) Sleep
Cats love you just the way you are. Yeah. As their servant.

Cats want YOU to follow THEM around. Until nap time, then leave them the heck alone or you'll regret it.

Cats are affectionate when they want to be, and usually at the worst possible times--like when they stick their butt in your face right in the middle of the season finale of your favorite show.

So, try to be realistic if you are seeking love. Look for someone who loves you, but don't expect Lassie or Benji. But don't settle for a fickle feline either. Maybe someone like Garfield? At least he's rich, likes Italian food and has a great sense of humor.

Hope A. Horner, copyright 2022
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