Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why Spiders Make Bad Leaders

I hate spiders. While I appreciate the work they do keeping the mosquito and moth population down (frogs do the same thing and they're cute!), I just can't think warm thoughts about a spider. In fact, my blood runs cold around them. The other day I used a drinking fountain in a public park, and RIGHT THERE as I was slurping water INTO MY MOUTH, was a LITTLE BROWN SPIDER in the bowl making his way TOWARD MY FACE. I jumped back so fast, you would have thought the water was scalding hot. The poor little guy just probably wanted a drink, but that was too close for comfort. As I walked around the park with my nerves recovering, I thought about spiders and what I don't like about them (EVERYTHING) and it dawned on me that some of these disagreeable traits could also be ascribed to leaders. So while I don't want to snuggle up to a spider, I do want to thank all spiders everywhere for inspiring my latest blog about bad leadership.

15 Reasons Why Spiders Make Bad Leaders
They spin webs that trap others.
The spend most of their time sitting and waiting.
The work they do comes out of their ***!
They don’t clean up after themselves.
They scare people.
They do things behind your back.
The real dangerous ones aren’t always easy to identify.
They see others as either what they can get from them or as an enemy.
They are on your back or in your face when you least expect it.
They take great pride in making the weak squirm.
They have lots of eyes on everything, but lack vision.
They are fine with glass ceilings.
They never give second chances.
They greet guests rudely.
And when you least expect it, they use your bathtub.

-Hope Horner, ©2016
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