Monday, April 15, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Be Ironic in a Toyota Prius

Today being Monday, I thought we could all use an infusion of fun to lighten the load, dontcha think?  So, here's a little something I hope brings a smile to your face.

You see 'em all over the road these days -- The Toyota Prius.  The Eco-friendly, gas-sipping car for the environmentally friendly and the globally conscious "Greenie." 

Top Ten Ways To Be IRONIC in a TOYOTA PRIUS:
1) Smoke
2) Drink from a large Styrofoam cup
3) Cover your seats in mink fur
4) Install a gun rack
5) Drag race
6) Off-road in the Everglades
7) Put a Romney 2012 sticker on the bumper
8) Install a lift kit and giant knobby tires
9) Let your teenager drive it
10) Drive to Walmart, shop for everything you'll need for the month, tell the cashier you want EACH ITEM in a SEPARATE plastic bag, and then ask for help out to your car.

Copyright 2013, Hope Horner
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