Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mixed Messages!

Everyone has seen a Christian fish bumper sticker and nearly everyone has a story about how someone with THAT SAME bumper sticker has gone speeding by them, or nearly run them off the road. 
Mixed message:  I am a Christian, but I drive like the devil!

A few years ago I saw a green Sedan cruising along next to me with a COEXIST bumper sticker.  Right next to this sticker, was a fish magnet with legs that said "Darwin" inside the fish.

Mixed message:  Be tolerant and respectful of all religions. (Except Christianity of course.)

Yesterday, I saw a black Mercedes with license plate that read like this:  (heart)MyMrcds
In other words, "I love my Mercedes."  Next to it, stuck right on the bumper, was a fish sticker.  (There wasn't a dollar sign inside the fish, thankfully.)

Mixed message:  I love my luxury car A LOT. (Oh, and I love Jesus, too.)

Made me think.  What mixed messages am I sending?

Now, I don't have anything on the bumper of my car.  I don't wear "Jesus apparel."  I don't wear WWJD bracelets or carry my New Testament in my pocket or wear a cross around my neck.
I do wear a facial expression.  Does it reflect the joy of knowing Christ?  Are my words kind? Where do I focus my gaze? 
I do carry an attitude.  Am I humble?  Am I cheerful?  Do I bring more joy to a room when I leave it than when I come in?
While I may not wear Jesus on my sleeve, I do wear my heart on my sleeve.  Does it reflect Him? Is it loving toward others?
Or am I delivering mixed messages like the bumpers above?
In other words, I am known as someone who loves God by my family, co-workers and others.  Does what I say and do contradict or confirm my relationship with God?  Do people only HEAR of my love or do they SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE it?
Am I just a flat, inanimate, lifeless "faith statement" sticker of a Christian (I HEART JESUS) or am I a dynamic, expressive force of love in this world?
Am I more in love with myself, my car, my work, (my, my, my!) or is the focus of my love, first to God and second to others?  Am I known more for being a "sports lover" "music lover" "pet lover" or a "book lover" than a "people lover"?
The bumper of my car may be empty, but the bumper of my life (what the world sees) is definitely not.  Lord, help my message to be clear, not mixed.  I love you.  I love others. May I clearly show both in word and deed!

I John 4:7-8
I Corinthians 13

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