Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Jesus Didn't Baptize!

I was reading in John Chapter 4 about how new Christians were being baptized, but NOT by Jesus, by his disciples.  Why didn't Jesus baptize?
I read one scholar's answer online:
Because Jesus wanted to give the priveledge to his disciples, allow them to take part in this act of "people coming to Christ."
Well, atleast in my (humble) opinion.
I would like to suggest my theory on why Jesus turned over the responsibility of baptism to his disciples, why he let them take care of the sacred immersion ceremony instead of doing it himself.

Picture a warm day, in a small village near the Jordan river.  New Christian Jim, runs up to his friend, Mary with an excited look on his face.  His hair is still wet.

Christian Jim:  Hey, I just got baptized!
Christian Mary:  Congratulations! That's great!
Christian Jim:  Yeah, and guess who baptized me?
Christian Mary:  One of the disciples?
Christian Jim:  Nope.  Guess again.
Christian Mary: I don't know?  Tell me!
Christian Jim:  JESUS.
Christian Mary:  JESUS?
Christian Jim:  Yes, JESUS!
Christian Mary:  Really?  Wow. 
Awkward Silence. Mary looks down and draws circles in the sand with her toe.  She says halfheartedly:  Peter baptized me.
Christian Jim: Hmm.  That's nice.
Christian Mary:  Yeah, I guess.  But I wish Jesus' would have.  You're lucky.
Christian Jim:  I know. I feel extra blessed because it was Jesus.   I mean, don't get me wrong, Peter is great and everything, a real pillar that one, but, Jesus!  JESUS baptized ME! 
Christian Jim glances up to the heavens, raises his arms and closes his eyes.
Maybe that means something extra special is in store for me?  Maybe that means I am extra special?  I mean, it's not everyone who gets baptized by JESUS himself!  I half expected to see a dove descend out of heaven! Or thunder to roll or SOMETHING!  And his hands, his hands were so warm!  Totally surreal.  Wait 'til my mother hears that JESUS baptized me!  JESUS! 
Christian Jim spins around.
Hmm.  Where'd she go?

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