Saturday, May 19, 2012

Only Some Can Fly

"In a world full of people, there are only some who can fly. They're not crazy."  (From a song by Seal)

Those who can fly:
Speak the truth. Even when it is unpopular. And they do it in love.
Stand up for what is right even when it is both unpopular AND dangerous.
Forgive. Completely.
Read their Bible. Live their Bible. Not be ashamed that they do both.
Put others before themselves.  They focus externally. Look for ways to be kind.
Share love openly with others without being afraid of getting hurt.
Share love openly with others without expecting anything in return.
They create - sing, draw, sculpt, express in ways that move and inspire us.
Think for themselves & think things through.  You can't put their minds in a box.
Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Make a difference in the world without making a show of it.
Do their work, whatever it is, cheerfully.
Have thankful hearts.

Why are there only SOME who can fly?
It is easier to go along with the crowd.
It is easier to hold a grudge.
The Bible can be difficult to understand. Especially that dreadful Old Testament.
It's scary to share my faith and difficult to live it.
There is an epidemic of selfishness and I've been infected.

I don't know my talents.  Am I good at anything?
I don't share my gifts.
A party, politician, preacher or pundit tells me what I think. It's easier that way.
Being vulnerable has risks. I'm safer if I don't love openly, passionately.
It requires time and energy to make a difference. I don't have either.
Complaining comes naturally.  Something's always going wrong.

So why are the ones who can fly, NOT crazy?
Those who can fly might be rare, but they are not crazy.  They are different, but not insane.  They choose to live in a way that rejects "living for now" and embraces "living for God."  They love Him and love others in the way that is visible, noticeable, humble.  Their love is not merely a feeling; it is shared openly through acts of kindess, honest words, and personal sacrifice.  These are people who are known for their thoughtfulness.  They have thankful hearts.  Their hope is contagious.  They fly because they love the Lord, live for Jesus and are lifted by the Spirit.

There are lots of "Christians", but few are flying.  Most have had their wings clipped by fear, apathy, selfishness, greed or pride.  Some have had their wings broken by other judgmental "Christians."  These "Christians" told them they could never fly unless they changed their ways, joined their church or agreed with their doctrine. 
Some can fly, but their wings have atrophied.  They haven't been used in so long, they have lost their muscle.  These are Christians who go along with others.  They see wrong, but don't work to right it. They ignore dishonesty.  They think kindness has exceptions. They are not outraged and moved to action when they see hopelessness, starvation, suicide, child abuse.  They don't seek justice, love mercy or walk humbly. They skim their Bibles if at all.  They throw a check into the offering plate, but don't get involved.  They have wings, but don't use 'em.  Their idea of giving to charity, is giving change to a homeless person.  The most thoughtful they get is buying a Mother's Day card. 
Their bellies are full; their hearts hardened, their eyes dimmed and their wings limp.

Where are the "some who can fly"?  May they rise up with wings like eagles!

Isaiah 40:31 Micah 6:8
Proverbs 3:5-6, 4:23
Psalm 90:12
Ecclesiastes 12:13

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