Monday, August 13, 2012

Standing in Perfect Peace

How can I find peace amidst the chaos of life? Amidst the turbulence of my own thoughts?  And not just "passing peace"for this moment, but "perfect peace" for all time?   I don't want a flash of two fingers - (Peace, man!) I want the whole hand of God wrapped around my heart and mind.
According to Isaiah 26, I need to "keep my mind on God" - trust, commit and lean on Him.  In other words, peace comes THROUGH and IN my relationship with God.  When this relationship is out of whack, so am I.  What throws it out of whack? Psalm 24 describes what can hinder my relationship with God.

Verses below are my paraphrase, extracted from the Amplified Bible.
Isaiah 26:3
Whoever has his mind stayed on you, Oh God,
You will guard him and keep him in perfect peace.
Because he commits to you
Leans on you
Hopes confidently in you.
So if you want perfect peace...
& Hope in the Lord forever--
The Rock of Ages.

Psalm 24
Everything in the world belongs to God.  Every person in the world belongs to Him.
He made the sea and he made the mountains.
Who can stand before God?  Who can face his holiness?
Only those whose hands and hearts are pure,
Only those who worship God and put nothing else before Him,
Only those who never tell lies.
They will receive God's blessing
and have a right relationship with their Savior.
They are the ones who can seek God.
They are the ones who worship the God of the whole world.

May we all find perfect peace in the God who made us, loves us and forgives us.  Today & always!

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