Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I need one or the other. Please.
Either free will or predestination.
Either my choices matter or only God matters.
Tell me. 
Am I in control or is God in control?
I need clarity on this matter.

Because I am human.  I am finite.  I am American.  I am individualistic.  I need things, even big, important things to fit neatly into small boxes.  I need to make sense of it all.  Especially what matters.
But wait.
Why can't both be true?
Why can't both my choices matter and God matter?
Why can't I choose freely and God be sovereign?
Maybe both can coexist.
I am not God.  How can I know?
Maybe I need a healthy reverence for the fact that God is God and I am NOT.
My perspective is myopic.  I am not the expert.
So, I know what I am not.  What about God? 
God is not bound by time.
He is not chronologically corralled.
He is not tied to timelines.
My choice to love, to change, to repent, to reach out, to share, to serve or
To NOT --
And God - -
Father of Time, not Father Time,
Mother of Earth, not Mother Earth,
Uncreated Creator God,
Over which gravity has no pull, and time no urgency, no beginning, no end point -
And His will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.

-Hope A. Horner, 2012
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