Sunday, January 13, 2013

Belly of A Whale

My faith is not in the belly of a whale;
It does not rest on some unfathomable tale,
Where truth and reason seem at war.
I mean, really. Is Noah's ark worth fighting for?
If not two by two, why is five by five
Heresy enough to be burned alive?
This caravan of creatures to the mighty boat
Possibly a parable of how sin fills our throat
Til we choke and sink to a watery grave
Until the Rainbow comes and we all are saved?
"Nope - just can't be!" Some would say

"It all really happened exactly this way!"
And it's at that point when I start to resist
The dogma and debate over arks and big fish,
Because there's no boat big enough to hold my faith -
No whale belly able to serve as its cave.
Whether you parted seas, spurned furnace flames,
Killed a giant with a rock, it's all the same.

My faith isn't hinged on your story or tale
It's not on a ship or in the belly of a whale.
For its not Jonah, or Noah, nor Adam, nor Eve
In Whom I rest, in Whom I believe.
-Hope A. Horner, 2012,

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