Friday, July 27, 2012

You Gotta Hear This! (Keller)

Am I justified by ME or justified by my faith in Christ?  What in the world does "justified by faith" even mean? 
And if I am justified by faith, how does that change how I live?  What I hang my hat on?  How I respond when the the hat holder falls off the wall and my hat gets crushed?

I am pretty sure that until I heard this amazing sermon by Pastor Timothy J. Keller of Manhattan's Redeemer Presbyterian Church, I had no real idea what "justification by faith" even meant.  Now I do.  Wow.  Taken from the book of Romans, Pastor Keller makes "justification by faith" real, understandable and applicable.  He takes it from the "out there world" of theology and brings it into the "right here world" of reality.  Keller bases this sermonly squarely on the Bible and quotes CS Lewis to Chariots of Fire to back up his points in poignant and pertinent ways. 

Take a listen!
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OR GET IT FREE on your computer or Apple device through iTunes by going to the Redeemer Presbyterian Podcast and clicking on "Justified By Faith."
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I also recommend his sermon entitled: Arguing About Politics - absolutely blew me away especially in light of all the nastiness right now in the political world with the election approaching.  So far, I am just a few sermons in to Keller's more than 20 years of preaching and find them very enlightening and engaging.  The two I mention above are standouts so far.

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