Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hope Defined

"Cancer is something that happens to other people, now it is me."

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer and her future is unknown.  She has had to withdraw from many of the things she enjoys in order to focus on her treatment.  I told her I was devastated at the news and would pray for her and help her in any way I could. 
Her response blew me away:
"Your prayers mean everything to us, and I am very much at peace going into this knowing that God is holding me and all of you in the palm of His hand. Our hope is in Him, and with the Lord Jesus lying in the bed along with me, I forever have the comfort of His presence."

While I am sure there are flickers of fear and doubt that flame up in her mind (She is human after all), her response defined hope: 
In this dark time, I am at peace because of who I know and what I believe.
Jesus is here beside me.  His presence comforts me.
That comfort and peace is mine forever because I am in God's hand.

What a blessing her words are in the midst of this tragic diagnosis!  She reminds me that "Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, even there you are with us." (Psalm 23)
Thank you, my friend, for reminding me of the hope and comfort we find in Christ.  You are in my prayers and in the palm of God's hand.

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