Saturday, April 7, 2012

Today, You Are Quiet

Today, you are quiet
Hidden in the grave
Behind stone, in the whitewashed tomb
A respit from the lashing
An escape from the mocking
A break from the suffering

Today, you are quiet
Lying in peace,
Wrapped in white linen stained with your blood
Blood that ran freely yesterday
Now dry, dark flakes of crimson
On your brow, hands, and feet

Today you are quiet
Yesterday, you cried out
"Behold!" toyour mother
"Amen!" to the criminal,
"Abba!" to your Father
Today, you are quiet
Waiting for your Father to respond to your plea
"Father forgive them!"

Today, you are quiet
Tomorrow, with one breath from you
The angels will shout
All of nature sing
Women will run and exclaim
Villagers whisper
Disciples ask "Could it be?"
You'll say, "Touch and see."
But today, you are quiet.


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