Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Should I Be Afraid?!

Francis South is 95 years old and lives alone in San Bernardino, CA.  In the early hours of Sunday morning she was robbed at gunpoint in her home.  She swung a rolling pin at the intruder, so he jammed a bag over her head and restrained her by tying up her hands and feet.  He then ransacked her place, taking her computer and jewelry. I caught the story on the Channel 7 news this morning.  The reporter interviewed Francis' son who said he was moving her out of state as a result of this incident.  He was obviously shook up, as we all would be, if something like this were to happen to a loved one of our own.  Francis, on the other hand seemed calm as a cucumber.  When the reporter asked her if she was scared, she replied indignantly, "Why should I be scared when I have God on my side?"


Let's keep a few things in mind.  Francis is not in her 20's.  She is not a body-builder.  She does not live with a room-mate, a family member or her husband. She doesn't even have ADT or a dog.  Her home wasn't robbed while she was at the supermarket picking out a nice ham.  Francis is 95 years old, walks with a cane and lives all by herself.  She was home - unarmed - unless you count the rolling pin.  And she is NOT afraid when a stranger breaks in to her home while it is still dark, shoves a gun in her face, throws a bag over her head and ties up her hands and feet while they take everything of value from her house?  She doesn't know if she is going to live to see the sunrise and she is NOT afraid?
Nope. Not Francis. 
Why should she be scared when God is on her side?
At first, I was blown away by the boldness of her faith.  Then I began to wonder what exactly she meant by this.  Was this just false bravado?  She seemed sincere, emphatic even.  But what exactly did she mean when she said that God was on her side?  He didn't swoop down like Superman and kick the invader out of her house.  He didn't hide her valuables.  He didn't bring a neighbor over just in the nick of time.  True, she wasn't harmed physically.  Maybe that is how she knew that God was there with her?  Maybe she meant, "It could have been so much worse and it wasn't, therefore I know God was on my side. Sure, the bad man took my rings, necklaces and HP desktop, but I was never scared that he would hurt me, because I have God on my side."  But something told me she meant so much more.
Could she have meant that no matter what anyone does to me EVER I am not afraid because I AM GOD'S and HE IS MINE and NO ONE can take that from me?  Is THAT what she meant by "God is on my side"?  I wasn't sure. Then I read Psalm 118 and I realized Ms. Francis South was quoting Scripture.
"The Lord is on my side; I will not fear!  What can man do to me?" (Verse 6)
Man can break into your house.
Man can rob you.
Man can point a gun at you.
Man can bind your hands and feet.
Man can take your valuables.
Yes, man may take my physical freedom, my possessions, but man cannot take God from me.  Go ahead, shatter my earthly security, but my heavenly security will remain intact! Break in and steal my earthly treasures, but you can't touch the treasures I have stored up in heaven!  Restrict me, hand and foot, but you cannot restrict my love for God and his love for me!   Point a gun in my face and look into my eyes! You will see I do not fear death because I belong to one who has conquered death. I belong to the Giver of Life.  You can take THIS life from me, but you cannot take the next.

Yes, Francis. God is on your side...
And mine...
Why should we be scared?

Psalm 118
Matthew 6:20
Psalm 27:1

Link to the news story: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/local/inland_empire&id=8631852

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