Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sorry Jesus, It's Not Enough

Sorry Jesus,
It's not enough.

What you did for me on the cross?
Not enough.

I know you took my place there.
I know you shed your blood for me.
I know your Father turned his back on you, forsook you
He couldn't bare to look at you because my sin was all over you
Dying there, deserted, broken, beaten, mocked and mutilated
Thorns crushed into your head
Sword shoved into your side
Nails run straight through your hands
Spit, dirt and sweat mixed with your holy blood - all for me
You gave so much.

But sorry, Jesus it's not enough.

You paid a high price, but I still feel like I owe something.
Your death washed me clean, but I still feel dirty.
You cast away my sins, but I think you missed a few.
So sorry Jesus, 
It's not enough. 
Maybe if I pray.
Maybe if I fast.
Maybe if I someone says mass for me.
Maybe if I give to the poor.
Maybe if I read the Bible.
Maybe if I teach the Bible.
Maybe if I go to church.
Maybe if I start a church.
Maybe if I build a church.
Maybe if I go on a mission.
Save a soul.
Rescue a child.
Honor my parents.
Go to seminary.
Write a book.
Love my enemies.
Maybe if I punish or deprive my body.
Maybe if Mary can intercede for me, or one of your saints?

Maybe I just need to love you more.
Maybe then it would be enough.
Maybe then, Jesus,
Your death -
Would be enough.

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