Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bring Me My ThunderShirt!

I recently saw an ad in a fancy pet magazine for something called a "Thunder Shirt."  It was a shirt you could buy for your dog to help them deal with the stress of loud noises (hence, "Thunder Shirt") and other traumas like separation anxiety, noisy children, fireworks, etc.  Basically, the shirt was like a fancy, super tight "Snuggie" for dogs - a restricting wrap that would give your dog a tight hug once in place.  Somehow, this constant pressure around the dog's midsection would help them to feel more secure.  I haven't tried it, but somehow, I believe it would work.  I believe it because I know the power of a good hug. 
Sometimes I would really like to have a Thunder Shirt myself...Life gets tough and I simply go to the closet get out the shirt and snap myself into it like a straightjacket; wrap up in it like a warm tortilla...Ahhhhh...there we go...Nice 'n tight.  I feel so secure. So protected. So snug.  So warm.  It's a bit hard to breathe in this sucker, but good. 
Lately, especially today, I could really use a Thunder Shirt. 

Then I found one.

It was Psalm 139. 

Lord, you know my sitting and my rising.
You see me walking, you see me lying down...
You are acquainted with all my ways and every word from my tongue.
You go before me, you are behind me and you have placed your hand on my head!
Where can I go from your Spirit?  Where can I run and get away from you? 
If I go to heaven, you are there.  In the sea, on dry land - even in those places, your hand in on me, guiding me.  If I descend to the depths of the earth - you are there, too! 
You cover me in the darkness and you are right next to me, brighter than even the sun, during the day. 
From the beginning - When I was in my mother's womb until this very moment, and in all the moments to you come - YOU have sorrounded me - YOU have been there!  You are all around me.  You sorround me. 
Like a Thunder Shirt.

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