Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Path Through the Sea

From Psalm 77:
O God, your ways are holy.
Is there any god as mighty as you?
You are the God of great wonders! 
When the Red Sea saw you, O God,
its waters looked and trembled!
The sea quaked to its very depths...
Your road led through the sea,
Your pathway through the mighty waters—
a pathway no one knew was there!
I discovered this Psalm last night in a devotional book.  What a beautiful, encouraging song of David! 
I feel like I am standing before the Red Sea right now.  Just like Moses and the Israelites, I cannot see a way through to the other side and the enemy is fast approaching.  OK, so maybe no one is chasing me and come to think of it, as far as I know, I don't have any enemies, but I feel the discouragement, the frustration, the angst and anxiety of looking at a huge, churning sea of a problem and not seeing a way through it.
Thankfully, God can not only see the pathway, but he can and has created it.  He will make a path where there appears there couldn't possibly be one.  Where I see water, he sees a way.  Where I see a problem, he sees a purpose.
Now, what I prefer to do is to stand at the water's edge and kick and scream.  If I were Moses, I wouldn't have held up my rod over the Sea, I would have BEAT the edge of the water with it screaming "Come on God make this move!  Make a path already!  We gotta go!"  I want out of my discomfort, out of danger, I WANT A CLEAR PATH AND I WANT IT NOW. 
God says: Just raise your voice in prayer Hope, stop beating the water.
God says: I am with you Hope, right here on the dry ground.  Isn't that enough to calm your fears?
God says: I see a path ahead of you even though you can't see it right now.  Don't believe me?  Look behind you.  See how I was always there? 
(This is the time to insert that "overused-therefore-it-is-cheesey" poem "Footprints" but since we all have it basically memorized I'll pass.)

Some mornings as I crawl out of bed, the first thing I say as I rub the sleep out of my eyes is "God I trust you."  Other mornings it's "God, thank you."  Today I said, "God this day is your's."  When I go out for my morning run, so early that the sun isn't even up and I am not sure I am, I whisper, "God protect me." When I look at the Great Sea of the Unknown in front of me and feel scared, frustrated, lost and worried I can put all these short prayers together and say:
"God I trust you and I thank you. Today is your's.  Protect me."
Instead of pounding on the water and demanding that God make a path, instead of running in circles on the shore frought with worry, instead of sitting down in the sand to pout and feel sorry for myself, I can rest in Him.  He sees the path.  He knows the way.  He will make a path and create a way.  And his plans are not to harm, but to prosper.  He will see me through to the other side.

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