Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pity, Party of One

"Good evening.  Is it just you m'am?" 
"Would you like a lunch or a dinner menu?"
"Ah, dinner, I guess.  I'm not really all that hungry."
"OK, well maybe something light this evening then.  Here, let me take your coat."
"Nah, I'll keep it.  It's cold in here."
"Is it?  I'll see what I can do about that.  Maybe a table near the window for you then?  Might be warmer there, in the sun."
"No, don't put me by the window.  I sunburn very easily.  Plus, I forgot my sunglasses and I don't want to squint while I eat."
"OK, then, let's find you a table away from the window, where it is not so cold and let's get you something light to eat."
"Will this do?"
"I guess so. If it's the best you got. It's so noisy in here! I didn't expect it to be so busy."
"Well, this is about the only table I got at this point, but I want you to be happy m'am."
"Ha! Good luck with that.  I'm not in the mood to be happy."
"Well, I am sorry to hear that.  Can I do anything?"
"Nope.  I'll sit here, it'll do.  Just bring me some water.  And no lemon. As for trying to help me be happy?  Don't even bother.  My whole world is crashing down and there's nothing anyone can do about it."
"Well, I am sorry to hear that."
"Yeah, well, you'd be really sorry if you knew all the details, trust me!"
"Well, again, I'm very sorry m'am.  Now let me get you some water and I'll be right back, OK?  No lemon, right?"

"Where is my water?"
"Where is my waiter?"
"Where is everyone?"

PITY is a party of one, 
and once it is seated at the restaurant, everyone leaves.
No one wants to be around someone who feels sorry for themselves all the time.  No one wants to be around someone who is always the "victim."
No one, that is, except Jesus.
He will join your pit party if you let him.  He will join you at your table.  He'll bring water to your table and it won't have lemon in it.   It will be LIVING WATER (John 4:10-14).  If you drink it, you will have a new perspective, a new hope, a new way to live.  You won't be alone.  You won't WANT to be alone.  You won't be able to be "Pity, Party of One."  He won't leave you alone at your table and he won't leave you at your table. Soon, he will pull you up from your seat.  You will want to sit at the booth by the window.  He will lead you there.  You will sit there for awhile, squinting in the warmth, watching others go by outside - their heads low, their eyes red, their feet shuffling, alone, lonely.  Then, after awhile, he will pull you up again. He will lead you outside.  The brightness will overcome you at first.  Your smile will look more like a grimace.  Then it will relax into something real.  YOU will relax into someone real.  Yes, you want to be here - outside.  You want to tell everyone about what happened.  About the party you just left.  About the pity you left behind. You will ask those going by in the street to join you.  Join me in this new celebration of life!  Come to the party of freedom!

copyright Hope Horner, 2012
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