Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Few Bones to Pick!

Listen up! I have a few bones to pick with the three of you.

First off I would like to address you,
Yeah, YOU. You said you were my ticket to freedom.  You said would make me feel like I have "arrived."  So I got some of you and I used you to by some pretty neat stuff that YOU SAID would raise my social status and in turn, I would feel better about myself.  You said I would have enough of you if I just had a little bit more. Well, you never seemed to be enough.  You said that I could fill my purse, my wallet, my bank full of you and then I'd be set.  Look, I know you can't buy love, but you did promise to buy me happiness and well, YOU LIED.

Next up, I would like to talk directly to you,
What is up with you?  I thought you'd be around longer.  Seems like the last few years you have disappeared.  Anyway, when you were here, you were supposed to make me feel like I was a valuable person, like I was attractive, special, alluring, popular.  I mean, if I'm pretty, others will like me, right? Somehow, that never really happened.  People who liked me, liked me because of ME, not because of YOU.  So I wasted a lot of time on you.  Oh, and your friend, Money?  He tried to help me buy you, you know the usual stuff - creams, fancy clothes, make-up, exercise clubs - he said once I bought all of you, I would feel just plain BEAUTY-FULL. Yet, I feel pretty empty even all dolled up, even on my best day, even years ago when you were around on a daily basis.  Lately, you seem a lot like someone who is avoiding me. You are getting harder and harder to find.  So I'm sorry if I have stopped looking so hard for you.  Actually, I've kind of given up on you a little bit because as it turns out,

Oh, now where do you think you're going SENSUALITY?  No, not you SEXuality, you're free to go for now, I'm talking about your sister, SENSUALITY.  Yes, you Mrs. Sensory Overload, you.  You're not as overt as your older sister sexuality, but now I know you're just as dangerous. I have to say I am very disappointed in you.  You have really let me down.  I mean you offer a lot, up front.  You, like money and beauty, make a lot of promises. And boy, do you start young!  You have offered me so much over the years.  You really know how to sell yourself, don't you?  You really put yourself out there - a real marketing guru, you are.  "Hey try this - it is soooo much fun!  Hey touch this--you will love it!  "Oooh, take this in - it's a real trip!" Hey you, eat this - it is so tasty!"  You promise escape, pleasure, bliss and comfort.  You hit all five senses regularly and wow, you really know how to cast a spell don't you? But you know what I figured out about you? You are so short lived and you kind of leave a bad taste in my mouth when I'm done with you.  In fact, half the time, I feel terrible after I'm around you for awhile.  And the guilt that comes the next day, that is a whole 'nother story! You've done a great job all these years, selling yourself to me.  You got me there a few times. But now, I'm on to you. I'm over you baby. Oh, and take your hussy of a sister with you because I'm older now and well, I know...

So, listen up you three.  Money - Beauty - Sensuality --
In and of yourselves, you're not bad.  You were created.  You are gifts from God.  If I am careful with you and remember that you are only a glimpse of the real deal I'll be OK around you.  Oh and I should point out that someday, money, I hate to break it to you, but you are not going to matter.  And while I'm here on this earth and you DO matter, I'm going to use you to be a blessing to others.  That's right!  Did you hear that? I'm going to USE YOU!  Ha!  And beauty, you can be on your way; it's OK.  You're leaving me and I am not going to obsess over the loss of you.  As they say, 'don't let the door hit you on the way out'!  I'll find you elsewhere.  You are in other places - the hills, the sunset, the seaside, the newborn child.  I will find you there and thank God for you.  I will remember that you are a reflection of an even more beautiful place to come.  Oh, and same to you sensuality!  You will not lure me into your games anymore.  I will be very cautious around you.  My ears, eyes, fingertips, and mouth - all my senses - they don't belong to you.  They don't belong to me either! I will be careful about what I bring near them. All those material, physical things that stir up my senses need to be put in their place.  I know that now, so stop trying to sell me stuff that is just going to kill me.
So there it is you three. Bottom line - Money, Beauty and Sensuality? You listening? 
I'm done with you, each of you, all of you, done with all your lies!

Copyright Hope A. Horner, 2012.
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